4 Reasons Chartering a Private Jet is a Great Travel Option

It’s no secret that flying commercial isn’t always ideal. Waiting in long security lines, paying high fees for limited luggage space, and sharing your flight with noisy passengers doesn’t make for the most relaxing trip. However, all of the tasks associated with owning a private jet can be stressful, too. Let’s take a look at why chartering a private jet is a great option.

1. Skip the Insurance

Like any vehicle, jets must be insured to own and operate legally. However, there are far fewer insurance companies to choose from when insuring a private jet vs insuring a car or boat. Many new jet owners are shocked to discover that private jet insurance costs range from $10,000 to $500,000 annually, with the low end covering bare minimum expenses and excluding coverage for hull loss. Chartering gives you access to luxury travel without the high cost of jet insurance.

2. Fly With World-Class Pilots

Unless you have a pilot’s license and want to purchase a tiny aircraft, you will need to hire both a captain and a co-pilot to operate your private jet. Many travelers assume that buying a private jet for frequent travel will cost less than chartering, but hiring a certified and reliable pilot adds an additional $70,000 or more to your annual costs. By chartering with NDA, you fly with world-class pilots who continuously uphold our flawless safety record.

3. Avoid Airport Fees

As an FAA 135 Certified Air Carrier with 35 years of industry experience, NDA can absorb the cost of airport fees, including parking, hangar, takeoff, and landing fees. For an individual private jet, you can expect to pay a minimum of $80,000 annually to cover your hangar fee alone! Because each airport charges different rates for landing and takeoff, these fees aren’t always easy to budget for. When you fly with NDA, you can expect a 100% customized experience, from concierge services to flight patterns, without the high overhead costs.

4. Don’t Stress Over Maintenance

Private flights should reduce your stress, but few things are quite as stressful as keeping up with private jet maintenance. Each year, private jets are required by the FAA to undergo an inspection by a mechanic with FAA certification. Anything that does not meet the most recent regulations will require repairs or upgrades before you can take to the skies. Plus, you will likely need new parts between inspections to ensure efficiency and safety. As you can imagine, you’re looking at more significant expenses on top of the possibility of your jet getting grounded right when you need it most.

Chartering a private jet gives you all the luxury without the hassle. If you’re looking to charter a private jet, consider North Dallas Aviation. We provide access to over 7,000 airports across the United States and handle all ground transportation logistics so you can have a stress-free flight every time.