There is no substitute for real-world experience and knowledge with aircraft sales. We have all the necessary resources (marketing research, operations, maintenance-technical, business, legal, and financial options) to responsibly and successfully negotiate and handle any aircraft sale, lease or purchase transaction. We know where and how to save our clients money, both during and after the sale. Often times we’re able to combine pre-buy inspection events with Part 135 conformity inspections to not only save costs, but also significant downtime between the purchase event and enjoying your asset.

North Dallas Aviation provides comprehensive aircraft marketing services, including the worldwide listing of the aircraft, placing the plane in leading industry publications, and the creation of high-quality marketing materials for promotional purposes. We can handle all of the pre-sale details.​

We pride ourselves on offering complete Corporate Flight Management Solutions, yet we do not consider our job complete at simply managing your aircraft and its operation. Your aircraft represents a significant investment and is an asset that must be carefully handled during any trade or sale. We can assist you in the sale or aircraft acquisition process and represent your best interest to ensure that the complicated process of aircraft transactions is handled professionally and correctly.

If you are considering the purchase or sale of a corporate aircraft, we offer:

  • 25 Years aircraft sales experience with 100’s of transactions to date
  • Open market value analysis
  • Demonstration flights
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Access to off-market aircraft sales
  • Negotiation and contract detail services
  • Consulting services for both pre-purchase and post-purchase
  • Worldwide aircraft searches

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