7 Reasons to Fly Private vs Commercial

Luxury is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about chartering a private jet. While private flights offer luxury, they also offer convenience, increased productivity, and more. Read on for seven reasons to fly private vs commercial the next time you travel.

Convenient Scheduling

When you choose to charter a private jet, you choose convenient scheduling and unparalleled flexibility. With access to over 7,000 airports across the country, we can create direct flights (when commercial airlines require layovers) and schedule departure times that suit your needs. If you get caught in traffic on the way to the airport or your meeting runs longer than expected, you can adjust your departure time with ease.

Fast Boarding

Catching a commercial flight can take up your entire day due to endless security lines and sprawling terminals. When you charter a private jet, you’ll cut up to two and half hours from your travel time. You’ll board your flight in as little as 15 minutes of arriving at the airport. Because the crew can unload your luggage and hand it off to you as soon as you land, deboarding is just as quick.

Fewer Restrictions

Commercial airlines are (necessarily) restrictive when it comes to permissible carry-on items. Chartering a private jet will grant you far more freedom to bring on board what you desire, from liquids to pets. When you don’t have to worry about meeting carry-on requirements, you can focus on comfort and relaxation.

Increased Productivity

Most passengers experience far more productivity when they fly private. Without dozens of additional passengers, you’ll experience fewer distractions, allowing you to stay focused on work. With complete privacy, you can freely conduct business during your flight. Private flights are often considered an asset to companies because they facilitate work, rather than disrupting it.

Five-Star Amenities

When you book private flights, you also book quality concierge services. This includes in-flight Wi-Fi, gourmet catering, and Bluetooth-enabled televisions. While scheduling your flight, you can make additional requests, from specific meals and beverages to personal-use items. Your satisfaction is a top priority.

Health and Safety

Flying private is a great way to protect your health and safety. Chartering a private jet can reduce your risk of catching a cold or virus by keeping you out of the crowd. Plus, you’ll fly with highly experienced pilots on well-maintained and frequently audited aircraft. At North Dallas Aviation, we work hard to maintain a flawless safety record and have earned the highest safety certifications.

Worry-Free Ground Transportation

Flying is only part of the journey. When you charter a private jet, you account for your ground transportation, too. Upon landing, a private car or shuttle will take you to your final destination so you can skip the hassle of getting a cab or rideshare.

North Dallas Aviation is proud to offer more than just a luxurious experience. Request a quote and book your next private flight today.