Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of booking a Charter Flight with North Dallas Aviation?

   We provide a way for you to travel in a safe, secure, and timely manner and get to your destinations on your own time schedules and not on some airline’s schedule. A charter flight with NDA allows you to conduct meetings in a private, comfortable setting, providing productive air time.

What differentiates you from other Aircraft Charter companies?

   Our Charter Aircraft Fleet consists of efficient, yet affordable jets to suit your needs. In addition, our services are more customer-oriented as well as our staff members. Our pilots have been scanned and hand-picked for their customer service skills and dedication. We are a dedicated group with decades of collective experience. We pride ourselves on offering complete Corporate Flight Management solutions.


What if I don’t see the type of aircraft I’m wanting?

   North Dallas Aviation has a vast nationwide network of Part 135 certified operators that we work with.  Each operator has a variety of different jet options.  Our database and networking keep us up to date on availability.  Let us navigate that maze for you!  We only work with other operators that meet our high standards.

How do I know I’m in safe hands with North Dallas Aviation?

   NDA is registered with the International Business Aviation Council (ISBAO) and is ARG/US Gold Certified (Aircraft Research Group, U.S.) as well as Wyvern Pass Check, an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Approved Eligible On-Demand Air Carrier, an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 135 Air Carrier Operator (On-Demand Charter). All our flights are flown on Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight plans. In addition, our pilots train at one of the most prestigious aviation training facilities in the country and are hand-selected based on their levels of customer service.

I want to charter a flight with North Dallas Aviation. Where do I start?

   Before you charter a trip, you can expect an Aircraft Charter expert with North Dallas Aviation to explore your travel needs with you. There are many different things to consider before booking a charter flight with anyone. With North Dallas Aviation, you can be assured that all of these issues will be addressed. North Dallas Aviation want to make sure your jet charter experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

How much is chartering a flight going to cost me?

   Quotes are estimated on historical flight times between destinations.  Rates are based on flight hours and additional factors such as international customs and handling fees, special events, catering, taxes, etc.

I don’t have any questions now, but if I do, who do I contact?

   You can contact us via telephone at (972) 233-3334, or fill out our Online Contact Form. We will be happy to address any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you!