Private Jet vs First Class Commercial: the Pros and Cons

You’ve decided that your next trip should involve a little less stress and a lot more luxury. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you have two main options that will have the power to transform your experience: chartering a private jet or booking a first-class ticket on a commercial airline. Read on to learn the pros and cons of flying private vs. first class to make an informed choice.


Commercial airlines tend to prioritize hubs and popular travel spots because the goal is to maximize profits on every flight. This means that passengers often lose a full day catching connecting flights or ground transportation to get to their final destination.

Private jets afford a lot more flexibility, especially if where you’re headed isn’t a major city. We have access to over 7,000 airports in the US alone. We can set departure times around your schedule and delay them as needed if you’re running late.


One of the many benefits of flying first class is the extra space between you and the surrounding seats. Depending on the airline, you may even gain access to a private first-class cabin—which you’ll share with all other first-class passengers.

Private jets are exactly that: private. You’ll share the entire jet with only the crew and your invited guests. You can spend your time in the air truly relaxing without distraction or conducting meetings with your team. No matter what, your privacy is never compromised.


The cost of upgrading to first class is going to vary based on a variety of factors. You may be able to upgrade to first class for as little as $100. However, you’re probably looking at an increase of several hundred dollars for a full or long-distance flight.

When you’re traveling alone, a first-class ticket may have a private charter beat in terms of price. When you’re traveling with a group, a private charter may be more cost-effective.


With a first-class ticket, you access a much higher level of service than economy or business class affords. Even before you step foot on the plane, you can often enjoy your airline’s first-class lounge equipped with free food and drink, comfortable seating, and free WiFi.

Flying private offers a completely different type of luxury, but the service remains unparalleled. There’s little need for a lounge area, because you can arrive minutes before your departure time. Before your flight, you can make requests for any food, drink, or in-flight entertainment you’d like to have on board.

Pets and Luggage

Even first-class passengers are beholden to airline and TSA rules regarding luggage and pets. Chartering a private jet gives you a lot more freedom in terms of what you can bring on board and how much you can travel with. Pets can ride in the cabin regardless of support or service status.

If you’re looking for a whole new level of relaxation, privacy, and convenience, consider chartering a flight with NDA. Learn more about our fleet and request a quote so we can book your next trip.