Private Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions: NDA has the Experience You Need

Buying and selling private aircraft isn’t as simple as buying and selling cars. If you don’t work in the aviation industry, it’s best to partner with someone who does. North Dallas Aviation has 25 years of experience and has facilitated hundreds of transactions. Find out how our experience is what you need for your private aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Consulting Services

Some of our clients come in with an exact jet in mind. Others have a sense of how many seats they’d need or how much mileage they’d want to cover before having to refuel, but they’re not quite sure what their options are. We provide consulting services to help every client find the perfect make, model, and price.

Market Research

We’ll conduct a full market value analysis on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the best deal. As leaders in the Dallas aviation sector, we have access to both on and off-market sales, widening your pool of aircraft (and price points) to choose from. For clients looking to sell their private aircraft, we’ll handle all marketing efforts, from creating high-quality marketing materials to making your listing available worldwide.

Operations and Maintenance

Unless you’re an experienced pilot, you likely won’t know what to expect from your private aircraft operations and maintenance. When you work with NDA, we can take care of both in-house thanks to our trained pilots, crew, and technicians. Before you commit to a specific make and model, we can often organize demonstration flights and walk you through the costs associated with maintaining that particular aircraft.

Legal Compliance

Aircraft are regulated by an entirely different set of laws that most citizens aren’t familiar with, and ownership laws are only the beginning. Whether owned by a company or an individual, private jets must meet FAA safety standards. NDA will ensure that you’re purchasing an aircraft that meets safety standards (or can with proper upgrades). We will also do our best to combine pre-buy and conformity inspections to save you money and time.


Thanks to our years of experience in sales and acquisitions, we’re experts when it comes to private aircraft financing. We can walk you through the pros and cons of available loans and payment plans. We will also discuss the full range of jet ownership expenses, including insurance and upkeep. Finally, we can discuss ways to offset these costs and see a return on investment.

Negotiations and Contract Details

Once you’ve found the perfect aircraft, it’s time to work with the seller to reach an agreement that suits both parties. Depending on who the seller is and what condition the aircraft is in, this may involve room for negotiation. NDA will fight for the best deal and ensure an airtight contract.

There’s a reason why so many private aircraft owners trust North Dallas Aviation. In addition to sales and acquisitions, we provide aircraft storage, maintenance, charter services, and more. Partner with us for compliance, safety, and stress-free flights.